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A biogas analyser speeds up your work process

Are you in need of a biogas analyser that has the ability to analyse various components in biogas? The experts of GAS make sure you get the equipment you need. Their high-quality analytical equipment brings ease to every job. This is the result of its easy-to-operate mechanism and the fully automated analysis that can be done. Did you know that the Calorific Value calculation is simply integrated in the biogas analyses, so use of the Chromatography Data System becomes even more straightforward? This is just a tip of the iceberg if you request a (bespoke) biogas analyser from GAS!

Decide which configurations you need for your analysis

At GAS, they understand that every work process needs a different configuration. In other words, it is impossible to create a single model suitable for every industry. Therefore, your bespoke biogas analyser will depend on different components of interest. Think of required accuracy, analysis time and the biogas you would like to analyse. It is possible to implement optional channels for the analysis of gasses such as sulphur, ammonia, terpenes and siloxanes. A biogas analyser from GAS supports the following methods/guidelines:

  • GPA 2261 / 2177 / 2186 / 2286
  • ISO 6974 / 6975
  • ASTM D1945 / D1946

Are you restricted to other guidelines in your area? Discuss this with one of the experts. It may be the case that your bespoke solution already fits its requirements!

Schedule an appointment with one of the Interscience experts

Would you like to have more information about a turnkey solution when it comes to a biogas analyser for your company? Do not wait any longer and contact the experts over at GAS to schedule an appointment with one of their Interscience-experts. They are more than happy to discuss the possibilities suitable for your industry, making the work a little bit easier. Energy, Refinery, Chemical and Environmental markets are their expertise. Want to schedule an appointment? You can find the contact information on their website!