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Books that Larry Page recommends

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Bookicious collects lists of books read and recommended by well-known IT entrepreneurs.

Nikola Tesla “Power over the World”

Autobiography of a famous inventor, engineer and physicist. Nikola Tesla is perhaps the most extraordinary and mysterious scientist of the 20th century. Dreamer, dreamer and fighter for the good of humanity. The book motivates and inspires discoveries. Despite everything.

Richard Phillips Feynman “Of course you are kidding, Mr. Feynman!”

Autobiography of the great physicist, Nobel Prize laureate. Reads like an adventure novel. Feynman is an excellent example of how a person can be comprehensively developed if he begins to perceive life as a game and do only what is truly interesting, without setting far-reaching goals. This book will forever remain in the memory of everyone who read it.

Richard Phillips Feynman “Does it Matter What Others Think?”

The second book by a popular scientist and Nobel laureate. The scientist talks about childhood. About how he learned to know the world and made great discoveries. Not without intrigue. In the book, you can read in detail about the investigation into the causes of the explosion of the space shuttle “Challenger”.

Richard Phillips Feynman “The Nature of Physical Laws”

This book is based on the famous lectures of Richard Feynman, which he gave in 1964 at Cornell University. This book contains all the beauty of physics, described in understandable human language. If you didn’t understand physics at school, you will understand it after reading this masterpiece.

Neil Stevenson “Avalanche”

The famous science fiction writer tells an eerie story about two worlds: the “real”, which is divided into hundreds of small states at war with each other and “virtual”, in which peace and harmony reign, but at the same time, strict rules of the game must be observed … But in both worlds there is a very real war for the “Avalanche” – the drug of happiness, one of the oldest viruses that threaten the integrity of the “virtual” world.

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