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How to connect and communicate with your Spirit Guides

In this blog I elaborate on some beautiful ways to connect and communicate with your spirit guides. I assume here that you already know what spirit guides are.

Ask for their presence

Whenever you feel ready to make contact, don’t be afraid of asking your guides for their presence. In our busy lives we often forget that we have our spirit guides around us at all times. So don’t be afraid to get into the habit of asking. The rule here is simple. The more guidance you ask for, the more guidance you will get. Everyone has areas that they could use help in. This can be different things like something related to work, money, family, relationships, soulmates, friends, or about yourself. We all struggle somewhere. It is very helpful to make a list of questions or emotions that you would like help with. Once you have this list you can slowly start asking about these topics. Remember to take your time here and not rush anything.

Listen closely to what they are trying to tell you

A good way to listen to your guides is to get in the silent state of meditation. Your mind is quiet and calm and you can focus and concentrate well.

Another way to listen is to be open to receiving signs and symbols. These can come in a variety of shapes and forms. If you don’t know what to look for, you can ask for more specific signs, like signs of a certain shape, name or color to appear so that you know which signs you should look for.

Have a positive energy and be grateful

Be being grateful we don’t mean being needy, but being thankful and appreciating the love and guidance that you are receiving. Rule out any negative thoughts you may have and focus on the positive. This will most definitely strengthen your bond and keep the relationship strong.

Your guides know you better than anyone else and they also know how the course of your life should go. Trust that the plan your guides have for you is better than the plan that you can think if yourself. Your guides have overlooked every step of your life and have always pushed you in the right direction, whether you have felt this or not. Let the outcome unfold by trusting the intention of your guides.

Connect on a regular basis

If you connect on a regular basis you will benefit the most. You will be more trusting and this, in turn, will lead to more positive vibes and results in the future. Once you learn how to receive the signs it will get easier in time to recognize them. Read more about meeting your spirit guides.