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Incrementality is an important part of digital marketing attribution.

To get a better insight into the performance of a campaign, a percentage of “incremental value” is calculated. The percentage of incremental value helps marketers compare different marketing activities, such as paid and organic campaigns, for instant insight into their performance. By using the percentage of incremental value, marketers can see how different marketing activities are performing and decide which ones to invest in. If you are looking for insight into the power of your marketing channels, you are in luck! Incrementality is a way to measure the added value of different marketing activities. With incrementality, marketers can quickly measure the percentage of incremental value for any given keyword, traffic source, or campaign. It’s a valuable indicator of performance that can be used to compare different marketing activities. 


Improve your marketing campaigns by understanding the incrementality of your traffic sources, campaigns, and keywords. Incrementality is often expressed as a percentage, which can be seen in KPIs. This number gives marketers an immediate insight into the performance of different marketing activities. It helps them compare the performance of paid and organic campaigns. The Incrementality of marketing can only be discovered with attribution. 


This is a common example of the debate: will provide vouchers for customers incentivize them to look around until they find a voucher, or drive them to make their purchase? The customer proceeds by opening a new tab in their browser and searching for a discount code. They find one and enter it before finalizing their order. 


Conclusion: attribution is all about crediting different touchpoints in the customer journey. Incrementality gives weight to the importance of each touchpoint, based on attribution data. In conclusion, attribution is the process of giving credit to different touchpoints in a customer journey. The most common type of attribution is incremental attribution, which assigns credit based on the data collected.


Nobody wants to admit that they wasted their marketing money. But when you use marketing attribution and incrementality, you can see what channels and activities are performing the best. This makes it easier to get insights and turn them into actions. As we discussed, performance measures such as incrementality are needed to understand true value of a touchpoint. So once we have these important insights, what should we do?