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Is It Safe To Install A Fireplace In A Wooden House?



In winter, the fireplace is a must in home bet is a traditional house or log cabin. Also, the desire to have a fireplace is natural for owners of wooden houses too.


But it’s not recommended to install a fireplace by yourself, professionals should do it. It is possible to install a fireplace, but there is some things everyone should keep in mind: 


Decide the location for fireplace 


First, you need to decide an area or location in your wooden house for a fireplace. Make sure the location you choose is free of clutter and is not near any electronic items in your house. The best area for the fireplace is a living room with a blank wall.


Clear out the area


When you have decided on the location, it is better to clear out that area. Remove any type of furniture or other things from that space. Also, empty the portion to fit a fireplace in it. The area should be away from the flammable things in your house.


The area under the fireplace should be made of non-flammable material


As you live in wooden house or insulated log cabins, make sure the area under the fireplace is made of non-flammable material. It is because if it is made of wood, then it gets burned and can cause hazards as well. So, the area around and under the fireplace should be made of non-flammable material.


3 by 3 Square area for flames of fire


For the fire flames, you will need a 3 by 3 square area to be made non-flammable for the fireplace. And make sure there is enough empty space for flames to reach high.


Going up from where the fire will be, you will need that 3 by 3 square to be made of non-flammable material for at least 3 levels above it. 


Fill in stone around the area of the fireplace will be


To avoid any mishappening, it is better to cover or fill the area around the fireplace with stones. Make sure every inch around the fireplace where a fire could reach is covered with stones or non-flammable material. This will protect you and your property from any mishappening and hazard as well.


Clean out the ashes


Another important thing that you should know is how to clean the fireplace built in insulated log cabins. Make sure that all the ashes left behind are clean and not in place before you start the fireplace every time.


You can either sweep them or use the vacuum to clean the area. Be aware that coal from burning wood can remain hot for a few hours, so clear the area carefully.


Final Words


The fireplace is a must to keep yourself warm in cold winters. You can create a fireplace in your insulated log cabins to keep the interior cosy and warm. Take the help of professionals to build a free space from any hazard and safe for the fireplace.

If you keep in mind the above points and follow the rules, then, of course, installing a fireplace in a wooden house is safe.